Whole Harmony Yoga

Whole Harmony Yoga

by Harmonizing Wellness Institute
Date: 8/10/2022
Time: 6:00 PM
Venue : Westside Community Center
Address : 1628 West Bijou Street
City : Colorado Springs, CO, 80904
Host:Harmonizing Wellness Institute

Admission : $12 per class

5 classes for $50

10 classes for $80

Do you think you aren't flexible enough to do yoga? Coordinated enough? Strong enough to practice yoga? YOU ARE ENOUGH! At the core of yoga practice is the remembrance of who we are. Step onto the yoga mat in this class and connect to what is already within you: If you've felt inflexible in the past, you will stretch open. If you've felt imbalanced, you will find steadiness. If you've felt weak, feel empowered!

Organizer Details:Harmonizing Wellness Institute
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