Mahfil E Gazal

Mahfil E Gazal

by Sunglow Production/Entertainment
Date: 2/18/2023
Time: 8:00 PM
Venue : Grand Centre
Address : 300 Chisholm Place
City : Plano, TX, 75075
Host:Sunglow Production/Entertainment

Admission : $25 - $100

Mahfil E Gazal

Munni Begum
Munni Begum (Devanagari:) Munni Begum is a Famous Ghazal Singer from Pakistan and now based in Chicago, IL, USA. Her real name is Nadira (Devanagari:) but she prefers to go by 'Munni Begum.

Early life

Though she is a renowned and world famous performer, Munni Begum has a uniquely unassuming and understated manner. She was Born in Murshidabad, West Bengal, India. The youngest child of seven children, she first started taking music lessons from the famous singer Ustad Khwaja Ghulam Mustafa Warsi. Subsequently, she studied in the school of music for three years and thereafter she launched her career.

Personal Life

Little is known about her personal life except that she was born in Lucknow and educated at La Martiniere Girls School she left for Dhaka, Bangladesh after the partition of India and Later on moved to Karachi, Pakistan in 1971 after Bangladesh Liberation war and in 1999 she moved to Chicago USA where she is staying lately.


She began career as a singer in Karachi in 1970s. Begum released her first album of ghazals in 1976. It became a smashing hit and broke all previous records

Organizer Details:Sunglow Production/Entertainment
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