Ke Hove Hove With Kairavi Buch

Ke Hove Hove With Kairavi Buch

by Aum Entertainment
Date: 9/29/2023
Time: 7:00 PM
Venue : elite sportsplex
Address : 2220 Mall Dr E
City : Waterford Township, MI, 48328
Host:Aum Entertainment

Admission : General Admission $ 30.00

k hove hove with Kairani Buch
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Kairavi Buch
From a Gujarati family, singer Kairavi Buch is most known for her Garba performances. Unexpectedly, this singer also works as a dentist, a little-known truth about her. Kairavi, a favourite vocalist for this new generation, regularly slays the internet with her stunning beauty and melodic vocals. She has a unique talent for fusing traditional Gujarati melodies from the past with contemporary music. As a result, the music she creates constantly encourages the next generation to grasp both timeless classics and cutting-edge modern compositions.

Organizer Details:Aum Entertainment
Contact : RAJUMAMA
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