Bollywood Boiler Room

Bollywood Boiler Room

by Fomoo Events
Date: 12/2/2023
Time: 10:00 PM
Venue : 230 5th Ave Rooftop Bar
Address : 230 5th Avenue
City : New York, NY, 10001
Host:Fomoo Events

Admission : General Admission
$ 19.99
Couples $ 36.99
Group Of 6 $ 110.00
Group Of 8 $ 144.00
Group Of 10 $ 180.00
VIP EXPERIENCE FOR 6 (Fee to reserve) $ 180.00

FOMOO Events invites you to first ever Boiler Room party in NYC.
Wondering what's a boiler room? It's a room where the DJ is in the middle of the room with crowd singing, dancing and vibing all around. Boiler room parties are known for their unique atmosphere and concert vibe with the crowd of attendees feeling a sense of oneness.

This Event is Strictly For 21 & Over. Proper Physical ID Will Be Required To enter.

PLEASE BRING A VALID PHYSICAL ID : State issued ID/Driver License or Passport. NO other forms of identification will be accepted! Photocopies or pictures of your IDs on your phone will NOT be accepted. Physical ID required!

Organizer Details:Fomoo Events
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